Dana gives a professional dimension to her passion: photography. She loves to capture the moment and place it into the future. She loves to tame emotions but also to catch the fleeting beauty of life. Photography is an art. Photography is a (powerful) communication tool. But to Dana, photography is the very art of exchange. Exchange between the subject and its photographer. Exchange between a photograph and its spectator. It is all about sharing – a point of view – with a (wide) open mind.

She has graduated from Business School with a Master’s Degree, and has sharpened her Marketing, Communications and Event Planning skills mainly in the Luxury Industry.

She has lived in Romania, France, The USA, Spain and Australia. She never stops traveling the world, in a constant quest for discoveries and inspiration.

In 2012, she launched her own Advertising Agency in Paris : Terre des Merveilles.
In 2013 she completed this project with a department fully dedicated to private individuals and the organization of their happy events: byDana.